With an open eye and an ear on the lookout, we sniff the time, searching for singular stories that resonate with the great stakes of contemporary society. Society, history and culture are our favorite themes. The personal intuition of an author or director, an original idea, a singular angle, an assertive aesthetic approach, an innovative perspective is what we are looking for in the films we accompany.

The Louisette alarm, 52' by Marie-Sophie Tellier

The law of type, 70' by Laurent Savariaud

Madam minister, 70' by Michèle Dominici


Is a independant film production company created in 2008.

From documentary films to short and feature films, to reports and institutional films, we explore different forms of expression with the same requirement.


Always in search of new talents, we accompany authors and directors in a process of deep reflection around films affirming a point of view, a singular look.

Guided by our insatiable curiosity, our taste for the other, travel and knowledge, whether historical, scientific or artistic, we choose subjects that touch us while keeping in mind an objective essential to our eyes : Touch a very large audience.




Cyrano's role




Un movie by Marie Frapin




The cinema we love is above all a spectacle, a catalyst of emotions. We love images that transport us, both figuratively and figuratively.


Reflection, Emotion, Aesthetics, combine in our films to reach a wide audience, well beyond national and cultural borders.


  Catherine LOPEZ

Associate Producer

After studying Law at the Sorbonne, Catherine LOPEZ practiced the profession of Editor for more than 20 years. She has edited nearly a hundred documentary films and major reports for the major French channels.

In 2005, it moved towards production. She joined C TON FILM in 2009, as an associate producer in charge of documentaries and audiovisual development.


Producer and manager

Tamara Setton has worked for more than twenty years as a director, production manager and executive producer on feature films for companies such as Renn Productions, Paris Classic Productions, Pathé Films, Téléma and Merchant Ivory, before creating her own company in 2008.

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